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Cambridge English for Schools

Teachers at 40,000 schools around the world prepare their students for Cambridge English exams. Find out what they have to say about our exams.

“The preparation is enjoyable because the learning process is not just exam orientated. It gives the course a sense of direction, which is invaluable.”
Constanza Ezcurra, Test Co-ordinator, San José School, Argentina


“The introduction of Cambridge English: Young Learners has changed the traditional way of teaching a language. It has become more interesting …”
Savita Travis, Chennai Public School, India


“I have chosen to prepare my students for Cambridge English: Key for Schools because I think it is important to give them the opportunity to be familiar with international language examinations and to start being evaluated with international criteria.”
Francesca Maria Loreti, English Teacher, Italy


“Preparing pupils for Cambridge exams at an early age, with step-by-step progress and in a safe classroom environment, will empower them to succeed in all levels in the future. They soon realise they are able to do it and look forward to preparing for the next exam.”
Luciane Calcara, Colégio Farroupilha, Porto Alegre /RS, Brazil


“The tasks are age-appropriate and fun enough for young learners to forget that they are being assessed. Most importantly, while preparing the tests, students can enhance their real-life communication skills. I think that’s what makes Cambridge English: Young Learners outstanding.”
Ji Young Kim, English Teacher, South Korea


“Having a certificate from Cambridge makes parents proud and acts as a motivation for the students. We chose to offer Cambridge ESOL tests as they are linked to internationally recognised standards that accurately assess a learner’s proficiency in English …”
Dr Mohammad Qassem Saefan, English Department Supervisor, Abu Baker Asdeeq Independent Secondary School, Qatar

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